Confused about what to eat?

I was too! A a personal trainer, I was constantly reading about diet and nutrition and trying to decipher the conflicting information to better help my clients. After working with tons of clients since 2010, I've boiled it down to two common frustrations:

  1. I don't know what to eat!
  2. I don't have time to cook healthy food!

Can you relate?

In 2015 I found a program that solves these two problems and I've been coaching my friends, family and clients through it ever since. It personally helped me lose 10 pounds, gain energy I never had as a young adult, calm the inflammation in my joins and sleep like a rock...and it didn't break the bank or take up all of my time!

My goal now is to share this with others, along with the other health and wellness knowledge I've learned over the years. And for those that love this new lifestyle and also want to help others, I partner with you to help you earn extra income on your own terms.

Let's better the world together!